Central Region

Cuba's Central Region

Central Cuba is the start of the country’s rural heartland with vast plantations of sugarcane, tobacco and cattle ranges spread out on either side of the Autopista Nacional that bisects this region as it heads east. The provinces of Cienfuegos, Villa Clara and Sancti Spiritus offer some of the most spectacular variety of exciting experiences in nature that Cuba has to offer. The Escambray Mountains are brimming with lush, tropical rain forests with waterfalls, sanctuary for hundred of breeds of amphibians, reptiles, mammals and birds. The coral reefs off the south coast the keys off the north seem to create the illusion that nature itself has offered perfection for the visitors to this breathtaking region of Cuba from the sea to the mountains. Central Cuba is home to two of Cuba’s most carefully conserved colonial and neoclassical cities, Trinidad and Cienfuegos, that virtually transport you back in time.

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