Thomas Terry Theater

Thomas Terry Theater

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Tomas Terry Theatre in Cienfuegos. National Monument, located in the historic urban center, opposite the Marti Park, corner of Avenue 56 and Calle 27, their type corresponds to the Coliseum at the Italian way, which is set in a horseshoe-shaped hall, where the public stands on four levels, but always in relation to front the show offered on stage.

It is one of the finest eclectic buildings of the city of Cienfuegos. Forming with Theater Sauto in Matanzas, and La Caridad in Santa Clara trilogy of nineteenth-century theaters builded in Cuba.

On December 19, 1887 the first stone was placed in a religious ceremony with a large audience. Lyceum Youth Madrid sent a cable of thanks to Emilio Terry Dorticos and other relatives. The construction work lasted until 1888.

The building that dominates the current neoclassical environment Marti Park was ready in November 1889, but its opening had to wait for the arrival from Paris of the heirs of Terry.

On the night of February 12, 1890, the orchestra teacher Palace rushing the first chords of the opera Martha, Aniceto Valdivia critic recited a few tenths dedicated to Cienfuegos and the poet Diego Vicente Tejera recited his poetry the hammock.

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