Havana City

Havana City

Havana is a city so beautiful and so mysterious that she leaves one speechless in her warm and sensual embrace. By far, the most cosmopolitan of all Cuban cities, her history, architecture, culture, music, geographic beauty and most of all the Cuban people provide a backdrop for one of the most exciting experiences of your life and an intimate encounter with the best kept secret in the Caribbean. This beautiful Caribbean city has the most complete architectural compound in Latin America, featuring promenades, former city walls, the iconic “malecon” seaside drive and excellently built colonial fortifications that were inscribed by UNESCO in its World Heritage Site List in 1982. The colonial period edifices intertwine with a mélange of architectural styles and designs ranging from ancient Italian Renaissance, Spanish Baroque, Neo-Classicism, Cameo, Art Nouveau, Neo-Gothic, Art Deco, Mid-20th Century Modern and more recent Eclectic in every corner of this magnificent urban center. For the culture, music and art enthusiasts, Havana has so much to offer that it is impossible to take it all in on one visit.You will fall in love with the mysterious and magical beauty, culture and people of Havana. It can’t be helped.

You can’t really claim to have done a People to People tour, without actually being with the people and walking in the people’s shoes. Cubans love their country and enjoy it, even with the economic limitations many face daily. They stroll the iconic promenades and malecon; they play in the parks with their children; go to work each day; shop for dinner; run errands and enjoy their leisure time in what most of them know is one of the most spectacular cities in the world -- timeworn and decayed from the battering of salt air for centuries, Havana still breeds pride in its residents and they enjoy what the city offers on very simple level. The light, the air, the sounds and the sea -- take the time to live like a Cuban and be an honorary “Habanero”. You’ll see Cuba through different eyes and only then, know her real enchantment.


Havana City Tours


BAR -Restaurante D´Lirios

Address: Paseo del Prado Nro: 563 (bajos) e/ Dragones y Teniente Rey

Hours: every day from 12:00 am to 12:00 pm.

La Guarida

Address: Concordia Nro: 418 e/ Gervasio y Escobar.

Phone: +53 7866 9047

Email: paladar@laguarida.com

Website: www.laguarida.com

Nero di Seppia

Address: Calle 6 e/ 1ra y 3ra

Phone: +53 5478 7871

La Paila

Address: Esquina M y 25, Plaza de la Revolución

Phone: +53 5284 6072

Doña Eutimia

Address: Callejón del Chorro # 60-C Plaza de la Catedral

Phone: +53 7861 1332

Email: d.eutimia@yahoo.es

Habana Blues

Address: H, e / 17 & 19, Vedado

Phone: +53 7835 6545

Hours: from Monday to Sunday: 12 pm - 12 am


Address: Mercaderes # 207 (altos) e/ Lamparilla y Amargura

Phone: +53 7861 2437 and +53 5290 1531

Email: yamil.alvarez1@gmail.com


Address: Calle 29 # 205 e/ B y C. Vedado. Plaza de la Revolución

Phone: +53 7830 0711

Los Nardos

Address: Paseo de Martí

Phone: +53 7863 2985

Hours: Open 24 hours

El Divino

Address: Calle Raquel Nro: 50 e/ Esperanza y Lindero. Reparto Castillo de Averhoff, Mantilla

Phone: +53 7643 7734

Email: cubarestaurantedivino@gmail.com

Café Macondo

Address: Ave Boyeros e/ 100 y A. Boyeros.

Phone: +53 5282 4152 and +53 5268 5797

La Catedral

Address: Calle 8 # 106 e/ Calzada y 5ta, Plaza de la Revolucion

Phone: +53 7830 0793

Toros y Tapas

Address: Calle 6, #124. Miramar

Phone: +53 7202 1548

Dulceria Panaderia Restaurante-Bar: El Biky

Address: Calzada de Infanta #412 e/ San Lazaro y Concordia. Centro Habana

Phone: +53 7879 6406 - +53 7870 6515 - +53 7870 6583

Email: elbiky@enet.cu - elbiky@gmail.com

Hours: every day from 08:00 am a 11:30 pm.

Rio Mar

Address: Ave 3ra y Final # 11 La Puntilla. Miramar

Phone: +53 7209 4838

Email: riomarbargrill@gmail.com

Restaurante-BAR Razones

Address: Calle F Nro:63 e/ 3ra y 5ta. Plaza de la Revolución

Phone: +53 7832 8732

Hours: every day from 12:00 am to 11:30 pm.

Cafe Laurent

Address: Calle M #257 (altos, 5to piso) Apto: 9 e/ 19 y 21

Phone: +53 7832 6890

Email: cafelaurent@nauta.cu

Havana 61

Address: Havana Street No.61 e/ Cuarteles y Peña Pobre

Phone: +53 7861 9433

Email: reservation@havana61.net

Website: http://www.paladarhabana61.com/

Hours: from Monday to Sunday- 12:00pm to 2:00pm

San Cristobal

Address: San Rafael Nro: 469 e/ Lealtad y Campanario

Phone: +53 7860 1705 and +53 7867 9109

Hours: from Monday to Saturday - 12:00 m. to 12:00 pm

Mediterraneo Havana

Address: Calle 13 e/ F y G. Plaza de la Revolución

Phone: +53 7832 4894

La Chucheria

Address: calle 1ra # 4 e/ 28 y 30 Miramar. Playa

Phone: +53 7212 5013

Hours: every day from 08:30 am to 12:00 am.

El Figaro

Address: Aguiar # 18 Ave de las Misiones. Callejón de los Peluqueros. Peña Pobre.

Phone: +53 7861 0544

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