Vinales Valley

Vinales Valley

Boasting the most spectacular scenery in all of Cuba, the Vinales Valley dates back to the Jurassic period and is, geologically speaking, the oldest region of the island. While looking out across 51 square miles of majestic nature, you can almost sense the prehistoric creatures and humans making their way across the enormous valley and around the “Mogotes” rising dramatically from the ground, up to 1300 ft. high, dating back to when the ocean floor gave way to giant limestone formations. The valley is home to one of the largest cave systems in the Americas making these limestone formations navigable. In watery caves there are still remnants of prehistoric man in the form of ancient cave drawings. The town of Vinales, founded in 1607, frozen in time offers a window into Cuba’s charming rural past. The Vinales Valley was declared an UNESCO World Heritage Site in the late 1990s and is as heavenly a place on Earth as there will every be.


El Balcon del Valle

Address: Carretera a Viñales Km 23 (120 m al oeste del centro de información del CITMA)

Phone: +53 5223 8969

La Pimienta Viñales

Address: Carretera Rancho San Vicente

Phone: +53 5818 8875 and +53 5223 8922


Casa Verde

Address: Km 50 del Hotel Los Jazminez Viñales

Phone: +53 5820 3301

Finca Agroecologica

Address: Vinales. El Paraiso

Phone: +53 5818 8581 and + 53 5418 8997

La Rosita - Concha y Paco

Address: Finca Paco Hernández Km 1 Carretera el Moncada

Phone: +53 5371 5688 and +53 5405 4131


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