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There are few countries in the world that stand out for the unparalleled contribution to literature and film, especially in proportion to the geography and population. Cuban talent abounds among the decades of talent that has been cultivated in Cuba, but also for the extraordinarily talented Cuban-American writers and filmmakers, as well as the dozens of authors, screenwriters, actors and directors from all over the world for whom Cuba has served as a backdrop, location and even a muse. We recommend reading or seeing some of books and movies below, not only to learn about Cuba and gain a deeper understanding of the culture and the people of this unique and surprisingly educated island nation, but for the sheer quality of the work. Whatever the national origin might be, Cuban literature and film are outstanding, and critically acclaimed worldwide. Cuban films have historically been awarded the highest honors from the industry including Golden Lions from Cannes, Sundance awards and even Oscar nominations. And the works inspired by Cuba are equally educational, informative and inspired such as Ernest Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea”; Graham Greene’s “Our Man in Havana”; Robert Redford’s film “Havana”, and dozens more. This year, HBO films released the documentary on Cuba’s premier singer/songwriter, Carlos Varela, “The Poet of Havana”, narrated by Benicio del Toro and Jackson Browne.


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Cuban music cannot be explained. It has to be experienced. It has to be felt. The plethora of outstanding Cuban music from the late 19th century to present is too vast and diverse to list in one place. We try to give a broad stroke overview so you can experience the musical body of work of this small country and the influence it has had on music from all over the world throughout the ages. From the early origins of danceable afro-cuban rhythms to their incorporation in everything from son, guaguanco, classical and jazz, Cuban music has influenced the greatest artists, composers and arrangers throughout history including Dizzy Gillespie, Nat King Cole and Michel Legrand, to name a few. In recent decades, the evolution of Cuban rock, hip hop and even reggaeton rivals that of any other latin american country and has influenced artists from the The Roots and Tego Calderon to Jackson Browne and The Black Eyed Peas.

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