Luxury is about making your dreams come true, about letting go of your worries and simply relax… and enjoy. At Cuba VIP Travel we strive to create your own tailored made program, to provide you with VIP concierge service and assistance at all stages of your journey, and to provide you with the best that Cuba has to offer. Our special luxury travel team in the US and in Cuba will work to make your experience one of a kind. Our focus is in the quality of the services, striving to meet the dreams and needs of our exclusive clientele. Our flexible programs ensure a worry free travel and custom made experiences in Cuba: we guarantee your VIP Luxury Cuba journey.


If you prefer to fly in a private jet, we can also assist you during all the process to get your legal permits, and to guarantee a safe landing in Cuba. We have the experience and a longstanding relationship with Civil Aeronautics in Cuba , and a specialized team of experts in the US that ensures worry free travel.

It doesn’t matter if you travel to Cuba by private plane or yacht: our Cuba VIP team is here all the way!

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