Culinary demos, cigar and rum tastings, pig roasting feasts, chefs, restaurateurs, foodies and organic farms: Cuba’s culinary scene is waiting! Cuban food has a wide variety of dishes, that paired with their many cocktails, desserts and a great Cigar, will create an unforgettable experience. Our team at Cuba VIP Travel has vast experience and is passionate about the Cuban Culinary culture of our roots and traditions, now renewed thanks to the new home restaurants named paladares. As members of the World Food Travel Association we believe that leveraging food and drink can cultivate cross-cultural understanding and peace, and most importantly, it brings people together. Contact us today and enjoy the culinary experience of a lifetime!.

Cuban “Paladares”: an Explosion of Taste

Cuban paladares are privately owned restaurants, most of them created in Cuban homes. Run as family businesses, they provide not only authentic Cuban and international dishes, but also the experience of being in a homely environment. As it is one of the few serious business that Cubans can own, during the past few years there has been an explosion of creativity in these paladares. Cuban inventiveness has proven fruitful in these homely places that welcome you with great food, drinks and tasting experiences. Our itineraries include the hottest paladares in town, as well as the opportunity to interact with their chefs and owners. Do not miss this opportunity to know the authentic Cuban culinary culture!

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