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Our team at Castles and Concerts has been providing high-end cultural and musical tours around the globe for more than twenty years. There are special challenges in taking groups into Cuba, and over the years, and through all the political changes, Peter Sanchez and his team have smoothed the way for my guests to experience the wonders of Cuba and its people. He has great contacts for guides, for hotels in the hospitality sector, for musicians, artists, and, when needed, with government officials. I highly recommend his services.

- Tom Montgomery, Founder of Castles and Concerts.


Thank you so much for the great help you gave us last week in Cuba. You made the trip one of the best we’ve ever taken.

- John Hillock , Senior Advisor, Conde Nast.


Our two week trip was a great experience. The staff was impeccable with every aspect of the journey, from arrival in Miami for the charter flight to the amazing restaurants, walking tours and music excursions. To coordinate over 150 travelers for a premium tour would have been impossible without their wealth of knowledge and attention to detail.

For myself, the band, and many of our guests, the trip was one of the best experiences of our lives!

- Director of Development, Preservation Hall Foundation, New Orleans.


My dear Yaima It’s so wonderful to share great times with you in Cuba, with appreciation.

- Ray Dalio , Founder of investment firm Bridgewater Associates.


I had an absolutely marvelous time in Cuba. In particular, thank you for putting us in the hands of Peter Sanchez and his team in Cuba. Every part of the itinerary he arranged was perfection – the places we visited, the chauffeured car, the tour guides, the places where we dined.

Not only was the experience a pleasure, the people Peter works with are a delight, but it is Peter, himself, who is the star of the operation. There is nothing which is insurmountable for him and he always delivers with a smile.

- Adelaide de Menil , The Menil Collection.


When it comes to Cuba, we can’t think of no one else we would trust with our most valued clients than Cuba VIP Travel. They are professional, efficient and run a first class operation. All of our clients return with accolades about the guides, the service, and the overall experience.

- Bob Goldstein & Josh Greenberg , Protravel International.

Image by Gerardo Sanchez

The Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) has been working with Cuba Vip Travel-staff since 2000. In addition to their professional caring service, Peter and Yaima’s Cuban roots and connections on the island help to provide a unique experience full of activities not available to other travelers. If you want to know Cuba and its people they can play an important role in your experience. Our Museum has generated a community of people who have become good friends as a result of our travel to Cuba.

- Stuart A. Ashman , President and CEO, MOLAA.


What a trip! Everything about our visit was fantastic: the people we met, the art we saw, the food we ate, and the relationships we made. It was a real dream come true!

The Menil Collection.


The people at Cuba VIP Travel are real art people. They understand the kind of experience a sophisticated American traveler is looking for, and you can rely on their unique knowledge of Cuba to meet or exceed every expectation.

- Darrel Couturier, Couturier Gallery.


Thanks for your note! The Cuba trip for me was one of my most memorable trips in my life! You attention to detail and planning was impeccable! The trip which was so important for Ralph could not have gone better for him, the visit to Jaruco was beautiful!

I will certainly recommend you to any of my clients who plan on visiting the island, again, thank you for all your efforts and planning! I only hope that team Jaruco will assemble.



I am just know catching my breath! Wow what an incredible week!

Thank you so much for all you and your group did to make it such an amazing experience. All of you are wonderful people and I look forward to seeing all of you again in the future. Be safe and please let me know if I can ever do anything for you. Thank You!

- John D Riggs, Riggs Yacht Sales.


Cuba’s a wonderful place to visit for the first or fiftieth time. The air, the music, the sea breeze, the surprises and the unexpected. But traveling around the island can, frankly, be a hassle. Conflicts, overbooking, canceled reservations – it’s one thing after another. I’ve been leading groups through the island for some fifteen years and I can assure you that Cuba VIP Travel and their wonderful staff, has the ability to solve problems and get you on your way before you even knew there was a problem.

- Tom Miller, Author of “Trading with the Enemy: A Yankee Travels.

Share your story and your photos! Had a great trip with the help of Cuba VIP Travel?

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