Friends and Family

Friends and Family

Cuba is one of the safest places in the world, and definitely one of the most incredible destinations you will ever visit. Experiencing its culture, its people, its great food, its beauty, and share it with family and friends, will be an unforgettable journey. If you are the trip organizer of that family or friends Cuban experience: we will make it easy and legal for you! Our Cuba trips accommodate your multigenerational travel, and creates a legal program that suits them all. With our special arrangements, experts’ advice, and custom made itineraries, baby boomers, millennials, teens, tweens, and toddlers will have their share of our VIP Cuban experience!

Services We Offer

  • Cuban Visa
  • Custom Travel Programs
  • US Licensing assistance
  • Private excursions in Havana
  • Cuba Travel Consulting
  • Air Reservations
  • Hotel and B&B Accommodations
  • Paladars Reservations
  • Activities Planning and Coordinating
  • Full-time itinerary of activities that ensure meaningful interaction and support for the Cuban civil society
  • Institutional and Organizational Visits
  • Translation by Professional Cuba-based Guides
  • Travel management in Cuba
When it comes to Cuba, we can't think of no one else we would trust with our most valued clients than Cuba VIP Travel. They are professional, efficient and run a first class operation. All of our clients return with accolades about the guides, the service, and the overall experience.

Bob Goldstein & Josh Greenberg – Protravel International
Thank you so much for the great help you gave us last week in Cuba. You made the trip one of the best we've ever taken.

John Hillock - Senior Advisor, Conde Nast
Cuba's a wonderful place to visit for the first or fiftieth time. The air, the music, the sea breeze, the surprises and the unexpected. But traveling around the island can, frankly, be a hassle. Conflicts, overbooking, canceled reservations – it’s one thing after another. I’ve been leading groups through the island for some fifteen years and I can assure you that Cuba VIP Travel and their wonderful staff, has the ability to solve problems and get you on your way before you even knew there was a problem.
Tom Miller - Author of “Trading with the Enemy: A Yankee Travels

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