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Tour Manager is our state of the are Android App that gives the client / travel organizer and the team working on the trip a full management system in their hands that facilitates the planning process and ensures that no details falls through the cracks.



  • Shows hour by hour activities and who will pay for them

  • Shows the location on the map with driving directions

  • Shows the address and contact information for the activity

  • shows the names and contact information for any experts associated with the activity.

  • Add notes to any activity and share with the team based on role.

TEAM  00:24


  • Contact information for all the team members including clients, tour leaders guides, tour managers and customer service assigned to the groups.

  • Easily contact text messages or email any  team members within the app.



  • List of all the travelers in alphabetical order

  •  Icons indicate whether there is a note for a traveler or if the travelers birthday falls within the trip. 

  • Easily view individual traveler notes within their profile.

  • All traveler information included easily send a email text message or phone call directly from the app.

  • Travelers are allowed to add their rooming, air or meal notes from their portal.

  • Notes View to see all the notes that pertain to the travelers in one simple View.



  • Has all the flights associated with a group including departure times and arrival times.

  • has the traveler information on each flight along with their contact information.

  • A section for flight notes from the travelers or easily add and share flight notes with the team.

NOTES  00:35


  • Centralized location for the team to share messages.

  • Notes are assigned to the roles of client, customer service, tour leader, tour manager, guide.



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